A comedy on the road

KAPUT tells us the immobile runaway of two stooges and a car, two travelling companions that we welcome in our refuge to give them a while of calm and hope.
An emotive, abrasive and crazy comedy that brings us closer to the universal drama of the wars and their side effects from the laughter and the optimism.
A journey without words able of entertain and move to all audiences.


Indoor Theatre

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For all audiences (+5 years old)


Performers: Gorka Ganso, Txefo Rodríguez.
Direction: Jimena Cavalletti.
Creation: Jimena Cavalletti, Gorka Ganso, Txefo Rodríguez.
Music: Carlos Herrero.
Ilumination: Milakamoon.
Set construction: Gorka Ganso, Oscar de Paz.
Photography: Aitor Lopez de Audikana.
Production: GANSO&Cía.
Management: Portal 71.