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Gorka Ganso has dedicated over 20 years not only to creating and performing, but also to directing other people’s projects. These include many different formats: street theatre, indoor shows, humour, circus…




The Show or Act Direction Workshop is a space that involves the creative work and the learning process. The instructor becomes a guide that collaborates in the resolution of conflicts and in the assessment of virtues that appear in the scene.

The aim and the driving force of the workshop are the individual or group projects presented by the participants. On top of that, what will really make the creation work possible will be the keys that come up during the individual and the collective process.
It intends to be a space for each own to explore and reflect a more effective way, rather than just learning and using the staging methods.

Other workshops: “HUMOR EN URBE”.



Apart from personal creations GANSO&Cía also work in making your ideas or stage needs a reality. Projects are developed with the deepest and most empathetic dedication.
These include public appearances, publicity acts, events, clown shows and master of ceremonies Á la carte.
As a Master of ceremonies, Gorka Ganso has taken part in different festival closure ceremonies such as Circada de Sevilla, Fira de Circ de Catalunya-Trapezi, Encuentro Europeo de Circo; as well as other official events, openings, inaugurations etc.